Wednesday, March 09, 2005

No Points for 2nd Place

If there is one agenda that I think our public & elected officials should devote most of their time to, it would be education. Unfortunately, primary school is one of the few businesses that we've never managed to privatise successfully. So, let's throw a lot of government money at it and get it right as a public sector service.

The Washington Post published an article on a tech-led lobbying effort on Capitol Hill yesterday. The Post quoted Rick White, President of TechNet, as saying:
"The world is changing a little bit, and frankly there is a significant amount of concern that if we don't make some adjustments, follow the right public policies, do some things that are important, we could find ourselves very quickly losing the advantage we've had for so long,"
The US is in dire risk of losing its competitive edge (and, actually, has been facing this risk for several years now). According to an article in Forbes, Singapore has displaced the United States as the top economy in information technology competitiveness. Forbes drew this from the World Economic Forum's latest annual Global Information Technology Report released today.
The U.S. drops from first to fifth in the rankings, which measures the propensity for countries to exploit the opportunities offered by information and communications technology (ICT). Iceland, Finland and Denmark occupy positions two, three and four out of 104 countries surveyed, with Iceland achieving the most improvement among the top countries, moving up from tenth last year.
You might argue that these four countries are just simply kicking ass on their own right, but I don't like being in 2nd place (or 5th for that matter). So, this is bull-shit. I do not want to believe that I recently naturalized in to a losing organization.

posted by Charles @ Wednesday, March 09, 2005