Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Groove Is Finally On

Microsoft just picked up Ray Ozzie and Groove Networks. It's about time. There's be so much speculation about this deal over the past years and I'm now actually surprised it's happening. Most importantly, however, is the fact that Ray Ozzie is to be name the CTO of our beloved Microsoft. Ray Ozzie, along with Mitch Kapor, created Lotus Notes about 15 years ago. Groove is a compatible technology acquistion for Microsoft, but Ray Ozzie is really the gravy in this deal.

Since its founding, Groove has raised more than $155 million in financing from Accel Partners, Microsoft, Intel Capital, and private investors. I can't wait to hear what the acquisition price was, and how much value Bill Gates placed on Ray Ozzie. The collaboration revolution moves on; and maybe a Gates-Ozzie combo can continue to advance the vision. So it goes.

posted by Charles @ Thursday, March 10, 2005